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Directory of the entire department

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Aa, Sidan grad student sidan.a AT
Acharya, Atithi grad student atithi.8 AT
Adler, Ran grad student cmt 848-445-8772 W209 adler@physics
Akduran, Nurcan visitor cmx W119 akduran AT
Alba, Gabriel staff ins 848-445-8764 W202 alba@physics
Altvater, Michael grad student cmx NPL3 altvater@physics
Andrei, Eva Y. faculty cmx 848-445-8748 W114 eandrei@physics
Andrei, Natan faculty cmt, het 848-445-9027 E262 natan@physics
Appel, Sabrina M grad student ast W331 appel@physics
Applebaum, Elaad grad student ast (312)-404-6727 W331 applebaum@physics
Arunachalam, Prasiddha grad student asx W331 pa321@physics
Awan, Humna grad student ast W331 awan@physics
Aziz, Kemal grad student kia2103 AT
Baker, Andrew J. faculty asx 848-445-8887 W309 ajbaker@physics
Ballal, Aditya grad student bio ballal@physics
Banerjee, Anindya grad student ab1702@scarletmail
Banks, Tom faculty het 848-445-9064 E368 tibanks AT
Bartynski, Robert A. faculty cmx, ssx 848-445-8786 NPL203 bart@physics
Batson, Philip E. faculty cmx, ssx 848-445-8275 NPL209 batson@physics
Bhanot, Gyan faculty bio 848-445-9037 E272 gyanbhanot AT
Blumberg, Girsh faculty cmx 848-445-8744 W111 girsh@physics
Blumenkrantz, Neil staff 848-445-8766 W205A neil.blumenkrantz AT
Brahmia, Abdelbaki faculty ins, per 848-445-1134 ARC213 abrahmia@physics
Breneman, Joseph grad student ast jab964@physics
Brooks, Alyson M. faculty ast 848-445-8877 W306 abrooks@physics
Broussard, Adam grad student ast 332 adamcbroussard@physics
Brown, Wayne staff 848-445-8799 W224 wayneb@physics
Bruevich, Vladimir postdoc cmx 848-445-8226 NPL114 bruevich@physics
Buckley, Matthew faculty ast, het 848-445-9070 W329 mbuckley@physics
Burhenne, Clare grad student ast cdb201@physics
Burkhart, Blakesley faculty ast W317 b.burkhart AT
Camacho-Neves, Yssavo grad student ast camacho@physics
Camilo, Radhames staff 848-445-9071 E374 rcamilo@sas
Cardinale, Valerie staff 848-445-8865 W226 vcardina@physics
Carpenter, Caitlin grad student cmt W207 carpenter@physics
Case, David A associated faculty 848-445-5885 W208b Center for Integrative Proteomics Research AT
Celler, George K. visitor cmx, ssx (908)-656-1104 NPL212 gceller AT
Cerkoney, Daniel P. grad student cmt 848-445-8772 W209 dcerkoney@physics
Chakhalian, Jak faculty cmx 848-445-8724 W109 jak.chakhalian AT
Chakraborty, Ahana postdoc cmt 848-445-9040 E275A ahana@physics
Chakram, Srivatsan faculty cmx 848-445-8978 W120 schakram@physics
Chan, Ying-Ting grad student cmx ARC219 ytchan@physics
Chandra, Premala faculty cmt 848-445-9028 E263 pchandra@physics
Chen, Cheng-Hsuan (Sunshine) visitor cmx chchen35.chen AT
Chen, Wenqing grad student wc576@physics
Cheong, Sang-Wook faculty cmx 848-445-9023 W123, E154 lab, W229 lab sangc@physics
Chiarito, Brandon grad student hex chiarito@physics
Chou, John Paul faculty hex 848-445-8961 W314 johnpaul@physics
Christman, Stan visitor cmx 848-445-8249 NPL 115
Chun, Sungbong postdoc het E361 sungbong.chun@physics
Chupka, Gwen staff ssx 848-445-8459 NPL210 gwen@physics
Cizewski, Jolie A. faculty npx 848-445-8773 W210 cizewski@physics
Clark, Steven grad student hex s.clark AT
Cochran, Geraldine L faculty ins, per 848-445-8757 W206 geraldine.cochran AT
Coe, Angela M. grad student cmx angela.coe@physics
Cohen, Morrel H. visitor cmt 973-327-2160 mhcohen AT
Cohen, Roger postdoc ast W311 rc1273@physics
Coleman, Piers faculty cmt 848-445-9033 E268 coleman@physics
Croft, Mark faculty cmx 848-445-8746 W113 Croft@physics
Cushing, Jay grad student jbc136 AT
Das, Ranit grad student ranit@physics
Das, Subham grad student 732-485-3650 sd1247@physics
Davis, Robert grad student rpd89@physics
De La Cruz, Lita grad student ast lmd354@physics
Dettman, Kyle G. grad student ast (732)-682-4795 W331 dettman@physics
Devlin, Thomas J. faculty asx, hex U Penn, Visiting Faculty devlint@physics
Diaconescu, Duiliu Emanuel faculty het 848-445-9054 E358 duiliu@physics
DiNapoli, Thomas J. grad student cmx ARC234 dinapoli@physics
DiPaola, Erica staff W226 edipaola@physics
Dogra, Shraddha grad student npx shraddha.dogra AT
Donnelly, Sean grad student smd376@physics
Doroshenko, John staff hex 848-445-8994 W337 doroshenko@physics
Doze, Peter grad student ast pdd59@physics
Drouin-Touchette, Victor grad student cmt 848-445-9044 E281 vdrouin@physics
Du, Kai research associate cmx 848-445-8783 W219 kaidu@physics
Eid, Lana grad student asx lana.eid AT
Elmi, Mohamed postdoc het E371 elmi@physics
Englezos, Panagiotis grad student hex W336 pe116@physics
Etkina, Eugenia associated faculty per (848)-932-0783 Graduate School of Ed. eugenia.etkina@gse
Falkowski, Paul associated faculty bio 848-932-3426 Marine Sciences Building falko@marine
Fang, Xiaochen grad student cmx fang@physics
Feldman, Leonard C. faculty cmx 848-445-4524 NPL212 l.c.feldman AT
Firestone, Nicole grad student ast nmf82@physics
Freytsis, Marat postdoc het 848-445-9055 E355 marat.freytsis AT
Friedan, Daniel faculty het 848-445-9062 E366 dfriedan AT
Fu, Yixing grad student cmt 848-445-9044 E280 yxfu@physics
Gandrakota, Abhijith grad student hex abhijith@physics
Ganeshan, Sriram visitor cmt E280 gsriram3284 AT
Gao, Bin visitor cmx bin.gao AT
Garcia Vanegas, Cristian grad student cf.garciavanegas AT
Garfunkel, Eric associated faculty ssx, cmx 848-445-2747 Chem 286 egarf AT
Garland, Heather grad student npx heather.garland AT
Garrity, Connor grad student cjg254 AT
Gawiser, Eric faculty asx 848-445-8874 W303 gawiser@physics
Ge, Wenbo grad student cmx wg169@scarletmail
Geiko, Roman grad student het E382 roman.geiko@physics
Genser, Konrad T grad student cmt 848-445-9010 E282 kg536 AT
Gentile, Michael J. faculty ins (732)-763-8017 ARC222 mgentile@physics
Gershenson, Michael faculty cmx 848-445-8755 W122 gersh@physics
Gershtein, Yuri faculty hex 848-445-8963 W316 gershtein@physics
Gilman, Ronald faculty npx 848-445-8775 W212 rgilman@physics
Goldin, Gerald A. associated faculty 908-720-2434 GSE 235 geraldgoldin@dimacs
Goldstein, Sheldon associated faculty 732-445-6795 Hill710 oldstein@math
Greenblatt, Martha associated faculty cmt, cmx 732-343-4144 Wright Rieman Labs 134A/114/116/122 greenbla@chem
Guo, Siyou grad student sg1649@physics
Gustafsson, Torgny faculty cmx, ssx 848-445-8514 NPL206 gustaf@physics
Halkiadakis, Eva faculty hex 848-445-8965 W318 evahal AT
Hallin, Anna grad student het E386 anna.hallin AT
Hamann, Donald R. visitor cmt 848-445-9019 E255 drhamann AT
Harrington, David R. faculty npt
Harrop, Jonathan staff hex 848-200-6253 jgh85@physics
Hart, Andrew postdoc hex W323 ah1083@physics
Haule, Kristjan faculty cmt 848-445-9032 E267 haule@physics
Hay, John L. grad student ast jhay@physics
Hayoune, Sarra grad student sarah.hayoune AT
Hazra, Tamaghna postdoc cmt 848-445-9026 E261 tamaghna.hazra@physics
Heindl, Maximilian grad student hex W336 mdh149@physics
Hijazi, Hussein staff cmx, ssx 848-445-8226 NPL114 hh464@physics
Hinch, Jane associated faculty ssx, cmx 848-445-0663 Wright Rieman Lab 180A jhinch@rutchem
Hinds, Shirley staff 848-445-8765 W203 shinds@physics
Houghton, Connor grad student cch109@physics
Howell, Mayra staff 848-445-9052 W222 mayra.howell AT
Huang, Fei-Ting staff cmx 848-445-8750 W127 fh143@physics
Huang, Jordan grad student jah499@physics
Huang, Zengle grad student cmx 732-822-6184 arc230 zengle.huang AT
Hughes, John P. faculty asx 848-445-8786 W221B, W307 jph@physics
Humeniuk, Stephan postdoc cmt 848-445-9024 E259 sh1592@physics
Jacques, Pieter F. staff hex 848-445-8977 W322 jacques@physics
Jain, Deepti grad student jain@physics
Jaroslawski, David Adam grad student hex 848-445-8992 ARC220 djaroslawski@physics
Javed, Unab grad student bio javed@physics
Jeong, Saebyeok postdoc het 848-445-9059 E363 saebyeok.jeong@physics
Jerez, Andres visitor cmt 848-445-9048 E289 ajerez65 AT
Jha, Saurabh W. faculty asx 848-445-8962 W315 saurabh@physics
Kamenov, Plamen grad student cmx W135 plamen.kamenov AT
Karacheban, Olena postdoc hex cern olena.karacheban@physics
Kareev, Mikhail (Misha) staff cmx 848-445-8982 W335 mikhail.kareev AT
Kasaei, Leila postdoc cmx 848-445-7934 NPL111 lk515@physics
Kattel, Pradip grad student cmt E281 pradip.kattel AT
Kazemi-Moridani, Amir grad student ast ARC 229 ak1273@scarletmail
Keeton, Charles R. faculty ast 848-445-8876 W305 keeton@physics
Khanal, Ghanashyam grad student cmt E279 khanal@physics
Khiabanian, Hossein associated faculty 732-235-7554 195 Little Albany Street, New Brunswick h.khiabanian AT
Kim, Heeyeon faculty het 360E
Kirk, Taryl L. visitor ssx NPL101 kirk@physics
Kiryukhin, Valery faculty cmx 848-445-8752 W118 vkir@physics
Kloet, Willem M. faculty npt 848-445-8774 W211 kloet@physics
Kobert, Adam grad student hex adam.kobert@physics
Kobrzynski, Dayna staff 848-445-9071 E374 daynaa@sas
Kojima, Haruo faculty cmx 848-445-8978 W120 Kojima@physics
Koller, Noemie faculty npx 848-445-8777 nkoller@physics
Koroteev, Peter postdoc het E371 pkoroteev@physics
Kotliar, Gabriel faculty cmt 848-445-9036 E271 kotliar@physics
Krause, Claudius postdoc het 848-445-9065 E369 Claudius.Krause AT
Kuehler, Ethan grad student ejk138@physics
Kugler, Fabian postdoc cmt 848-445-9024 E259 kugler@physics
Kumar, Abhishek postdoc cmt 848-445-9026 E261 ak1914@physics
Kumar, Umesh postdoc cmt 848-445-8772 W209 uk69@physics
Kumthekar, Kasturi visitor
Kung, Hsiang-Hsi visitor cmx skung@physics
Kurup, Chithra S. staff 848-445-8996 340 csk103@physics
Kwok, Lindsey grad student ast lindsey.kwok@physics
Laflotte, Ian W. grad student npx W218 ilaflott@physics
Lai, Xinyuan grad student xinyuan.lai AT
Lam, Katherine staff 848-445-8763 W201 klam@physics
Lamb, Christopher grad student ast cdl92@physics
Larison, Conor grad student ast cl1449@physics
Lath, Amitabh faculty hex 848-445-8971 W324 lath@physics
Lau, Liam L.H. grad student cmt ll960@physics
Leath, Paul L. faculty cmt 848-445-9025 E255 leath@physics
Lebowitz, Joel L. faculty cmt 848-445-3117 Hill 612 lebowitz@math
Lee, Alexander grad student aclee@physics
Lee, Gahee visitor cmx W119 lgh29361936 AT
Lee, Junhyun postdoc cmt 848-445-9022 E257 junhyun.lee@physics
Lee, Sang-Hyuk faculty bio 848-445-5286 Proteomics shlee@physics
Lee, Tsung-Han postdoc cmt 848-445-9022 E257 tl596@physics
Lepetic, Ivan postdoc hex W213 il211@physics
Li, Bingqing grad student bl519@physics
Li, Guohong research associate cmx 848-445-8409 NPL207 lguohong@physics
Li, Yirui grad student yl658 AT
Lim, SeongJoon research associate cmx 848-445-8783 W219 slim@physics
Lim, Sung Hak postdoc het E359 sunghak.lim AT
Lin, Gongchang grad student gl485@physics
Lin, Keng grad student keng.lin AT
Lin, Wan (Win) grad student npx 509-280-8680 W238 wl366@physics
Lindenfeld, Peter faculty cmx, ins, per lindenf@physics
Liu, Jinglin grad student jl2782@physics
Liu, Yue visitor cmx (347)-828-4478 E278
Lu, Hsu-Chang staff ins 848-445-8870 W230 hclu@physics
Lu, Wen-Sen grad student cmx ARC226 wslu@physics
Lucht, Kevin grad student cmt kpl55@physics
Lukyanov, Sergei faculty het 848-445-9060 E364 sergei@physics
Ma, Mingyang grad student mm2595@physics
Maiullo, David staff ins, per 848-445-9081 Lect. Hall maiullo@physics
Malliaris, Constantin D. (Ted) grad student bio E377 tedm@physics
Mallick, Debarghya postdoc cmx W102 dm1485@physics
Malvido, John C. visitor ast jmalvido AT
Mastbaum, Andrew faculty hex 848-445-8967 W320 mastbaum@physics
Matilsky, Terry faculty asx 848-445-8875 W304 matilsky@physics
Mazer, Joel A postdoc npx jam977@physics
McDermott, Liam grad student per lm1054@physics
McQuinn, Kristen B W faculty ast 848-445-8879 W308 kristen.mcquinn AT
Mekjian, Aram faculty npt mekjian@physics
Meltzer, Philip grad student philip.meltzer AT
Minock, James M grad student hex jmm1018@physics
Mohottige, Rasika visitor cmx NPL rasika.mohottige AT
Montalvo, Roy faculty ins 848-445-8976 W204 montalvo@physics
Mookerjee, Debendro grad student dm1237@physics
Moore, Greg faculty het 848-445-9058 E362 gmoore@physics
Morozov, Alexandre V. faculty bio 848-445-1387 E266 morozov@physics
Moskowitz, Irene grad student ast iwm15@physics
Murnick, Daniel E. associated faculty (973)-353-5446 366 Smith (Nwk) murnick@newark
Narasimhan, Pratyankara grad student pn187@physics
Nash, Kevin research associate hex (434)-760-1424 CERN knash@physics
Neuberger, Herbert faculty het 848-445-8966 W319 neuberg@physics
Newman, Max grad student ast mjn125@physics
Oh, Seongshik faculty cmx 848-445-8754 W121 ohsean@physics
Olsen, Charlotte grad student ast W332 cao127@physics
Olson, Wilma K. associated faculty bio 732-445-3993 Chem Building, A209 wilma.olson AT
Orr, Matthew postdoc ast matt.orr AT
Osherson, Marc postdoc hex W323 marcosh@physics
Oudovenko, Viktor staff cmt 848-445-9021 E256 udo@physics
Pahel, Douglas visitor
Pamula, Nancy staff 848-445-8781 W221 npamula AT
Pang, Yi En Ian grad student ian.pang@physics
Pani, Tanmay grad student npx tp543@physics
Panigrahi, Aaditya grad student cmt E281 aadityapanigrahi@physics
Pascut, Aurelia visitor asx aurelia.pascut AT
Pascut, Lucian visitor cmx pascut@physics
Pasnoori, Parameshwar grad student cmt pasnoori@physics
Perrotta, Joseph visitor ssx NPL101
Petillo, Robert staff 848-445-8868 W226 rp937@physics
Pettola, Christina staff het 848-445-9050 E356 cpettola@physics
Phillips, James C. visitor bio, cmt jcphillips8 AT
Piacitelli, Daniel grad student danielrpiacitelli AT
Pickard, Paul staff E157 pp594@physics
Pixley, Jedediah H. faculty cmt 848-445-9029 E264 jed.pixley@physics
Podzorov, Vitaly faculty cmx 848-445-8753 NPL205 podzorov@physics
Porto, Rafael grad student rporto AT
Pryor, Carlton faculty asx 848-445-8873 W302 pryor@physics
Putney, Eric grad student het E382 eputney@physics
Qi, Yubo postdoc cmt 848-445-9017 E254 yq93@physics
Rabe, Karin M. faculty cmt 848-445-9030 E265 rabe@physics
Rabinovici, Eliezer visitor het ELIEZER AT vms.HUJI.AC.IL
Rady, Nader grad student ast nrr52@physics
Rafferty, Denise staff 848-445-9009 W226 denise.rafferty AT
Ramakrishna, Satish visitor het E369 ramakrishna@physics
Ramirez, Edward D. grad student het 848-445-9075 E382 edwardramirez@physics
Rand, Benjamin grad student hex brand2 AT
Raney, Catie grad student ast W331 raney@physics
Rangan, Sylvie faculty ssx, cmx 848-445-8419 NPL208 rangan@physics
Ransome, Ronald D. faculty npx 848-445-8779 W214 ransome@physics
Rau, Thomas grad student tprau AT
Ravid, Tomer grad student tomeravid AT
Rechani, Phillip grad student bio pjr93@physics
Remsing, Richard C. associated faculty cmt CCB-4312 rick.remsing AT
Ren, Shang grad student cmt E279 shangren@physics
Riggs, Claire grad student ast W331 riggs@physics
Rimal, Gaurab postdoc cmx W102 gr380@physics
Rivera, Lisa staff ast, asx, bio, het, hex, npt, npx, per 848-445-8973 W326 lrivera@physics
Rives, Jesus grad student bio 848-445-9048 E289 jar471@physics
Rockmore, Ronald M. faculty npt
Rockwood, Gavin grad student cmt E281 gavin.rockwood@physics
Rogerson, David grad student david.rogerson AT
Routray, Hardik grad student hardik.routray AT
Roy, Ananda faculty cmt 848-445-8776 E260 ananda.roy@physics
Roy, Diptanil grad student npx 218 diptanil.roy@physics
Ruan, Dilys grad student ast druan@physics
Ruggieri, Charles M. faculty ins, per 848-445-8767 W205B chazr@physics
Sabok-Sayr, Seyed Ahmad visitor 848-445-9045 E281 saboksayr@physics
Saha, Siddhartha grad student bio ss2948@scarletmail
Salim, Diane Mali grad student ast dms653@physics
Salur, Sevil faculty npx 848-445-8784 W220 salur@physics
Sargsyan, Lilit grad student ls1231@physics
Saxena, Vivek postdoc het E373 vivek@physics
Schmidt, Caleb grad student cmx ARC 228
Schnetzer, Stephen faculty hex 848-445-8975 W328 steves@physics
Seleznev, Daniel grad student cmt E289 dms632@physics
Sellwood, Jerry A. faculty ast sellwood@physics
Sengupta, Anirvan M. faculty bio 848-445-3880 E258 anirvans@physics
Shabetnik, Daria grad student shabetnik.da AT
Shapiro, Joel A. faculty het, ins, per 848-445-8972 W325 shapiro@physics
Sharma, Ray grad student ast W332 ramonsharma@physics
Sharon, Yitzhak Y. visitor npt 848-445-8771 yjs@physics
Shen, Hongyi grad student hs831@physics
Shih, David faculty het 848-445-9067 E370 dshih@physics
Shinbrot, Troy associated faculty 732-445-6584 Biomedical Engineering Building shinbrot@soe
Sikander, Shehryar postdoc het 848-445-9069 E365 shehryar.sikander@physics
Sills, Ryan B. associated faculty cmt, cmx 848-445-4942 CCR-108 ryan.sills AT
Sims, Harrison postdoc npx harrysims94 AT
Singh, Ranveer Kumar grad student het (732)-867-4866 rks158@physics
Singha Mahapatra, Phanibhusan postdoc cmx W116 ps1161@physics
Sinha, Madhav grad student ms3066@physics
Sloane, Jonathan D. grad student ast 848-445-9079 W332 jdsloane@physics
Slusky, Susan visitor ins
Soffer, Avraham associated faculty 848-445-7948 Hill 724 avraham.soffer AT
Somalwar, Sunil faculty hex 848-445-8895 W312 Sunil.Somalwar AT Rutgers.Edu
Spotwood, Jerrell staff 848-445-8762 W134 js1399@physics
Springolo, Matteo visitor cmx E259 matteospringolo AT
Sridharan, Shagesh grad student bio shagesh.sridharan AT
Stone, Robert staff hex 848-445-8893 W310 stone@physics
Stubbs, F. Spencer grad student het E386 spencer.stubbs@physics
Sun, Xue grad student xs192@physics
Sun, Ying visitor cmx
Suter, Jean-Philippe grad student 973-306-8204 jeanphilippe.suter AT
Tang, Yicheng grad student cmt 732-429-5770 E279 yt291@physics
Tao, Runkai grad student runkaitao AT
Telford, Grace postdoc ast W311 ot83@physics
Teng, Yujia grad student yt392@physics
Terilli, Michael grad student cmx W327 mt991@physics
Thayil, Steffie Ann grad student hex (425)-240-2898 W336 thayil@physics
Thomas, Scott faculty het 848-445-9073 E379 scthomas@physics
Thorpe, Ryan staff ssx thorper@physics
Tilak, Nikhil grad student cmx 732-500-6319 nmt61@physics
Tillman, Megan grad student ast mtt74@physics
Toomey, Rebecca grad student npx 848-445-1532 ARC221 rebecca.toomey AT
Tourani, Roshan grad student roshan@physics
Trunina, Elizaveta grad student yelizaveta.kupcheva AT
Tuan, James staff 848-445-8995 W338 jtuan@physics
Ummel, Chad grad student npx 760-274-4220 ORNL chadummel@physics
Upadhyay, Aman grad student aman.up.mail AT
Vanderbilt, David faculty cmt 848-445-9049 E291 dhv@physics
Varnava, Nicodemos postdoc cmt 848-445-9017 E254 nvarnava@physics
Viereck, Jonathan grad student ssx, cmx NPL115 viereck@physics
Vilus, Mickerline staff cmx, cmt, per, bio, ins 848-445-9034 E269 mv489@physics
Volkov, Pavel postdoc cmt 848-445-9040 E275A pv184@physics
Vora, Jay grad student hex j.vora AT
Wang, Hui postdoc hex W213 hw484@physics
Wang, Isaac (Ruoquan) grad student het AT
Wang, Kefeng staff cmx 848-445-8750 W115 kw624@physics
Wang, Limin postdoc cmt 848-445-9039 E275 lw636@physics
Wang, Yueyi grad student wangyueyi18 AT
Weikert, Mitchell grad student mjw283@physics
Wen, Fangdi grad student cmx 848-445-8974 W327 fangdi.wen AT
Wetter, Kristina staff 848-445-8867 W217 kwetter@physics
Williams, Theodore B. faculty asx williams@physics
Wolfgramm, Jack grad student jvw36@physics
Woloszyn, Cole staff cw814 AT
Wu, Ang-Kun grad student cmt E279 angkun.wu AT
Wu, Shangfei postdoc cmx 848-445-8028 W108 sfwu@physics
Wu, Shuang postdoc cmx 848-445-8750 W116 sw861@physics
Wu, Tsung-Chi grad student cmx tcwu@physics
Wu, Weida faculty cmx 848-445-8751 W117, W132 lab, E164 lab wdwu@physics
Wulayimu, Maimaiti postdoc cmt W207 ibrahim.memet@physics
Xie, Weiwei associated faculty cmt, cmx CCB-3202 wx101@chem
Xu, Xianghan grad student cmx 732-640-6697 xianghanxu@physics
Yan, Fei postdoc het 848-445-9031 E357 fei.yan@physics
Yao, Xiong postdoc cmx 848-445-8750 W115 xy226@physics
Ye, Mai grad student cmx 848-445-8758 Serin 132 mye@physics
Yeung, Orion grad student npx oby4@physics
Yi, Hee Taek research associate cmx W119 taeggy AT
Yi, Jinjing grad student jy572@scarletmail
Yi, Renna grad student ry136@physics
Young, Anthony grad student ast ARC216 ayoung@physics
Young, Robert grad student bio young@physics
Yu, Jianneng grad student jianneng.yu AT
Yuan, Xiaoyu grad student xy266@physics
Yuzbashyan, Emil faculty cmt 848-445-9035 E270 eyuzbash@physics
Zabalo, Aidan grad student cmt zabalo@physics
Zamick, Larry faculty npt 848-445-8778 W215 Zamick@physics
Zapata, Derek grad student ast ARC224 dwz13@physics
Zeineldin, Mohamed grad student cmx mohamedz@physics
Zhakenov, Abay grad student az417@physics
Zhang, Bingnan grad student het E384 bingnan.zhang AT
Zhang, Zhenyuan grad student zyzhang@physics
Zhu, Yunhao grad student yz1019 AT
Zhuang, Zekun postdoc cmt 848-445-9039 E275 zz529@physics
Zimmermann, Frank M. faculty cmx, ssx 848-445-8269 NPL204 fmz@physics