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Directory of Staff

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Alba, Gabriel staff ins 848-445-8764 W202 alba@physics
Bartz, Ed staff 848-445-8996 W340 bartz@physics
Blumenkrantz, Neil staff 848-445-8766 W205A neil.blumenkrantz AT
Camilo, Radhames staff het 848-445-9071 E374 rcamilo@sas
Cardinale, Valerie staff 848-445-8865 W226 vcardinale@physics
Cascio, Lisa staff ast, asx, bio, het, hex, npt, npx, per 848-445-8973 W326 lcascio@physics
Chupka, Gwen staff ssx 848-445-8459 NPL210 gwen@physics
Doroshenko, John staff hex 848-445-8994 W337 doroshenko@physics
Hinds, Shirley staff 848-445-8765 W203 shinds@physics
Hu, Rongwei staff cmx 848-445-8750 W116 rwhu@physics
Huang, Fei-Ting staff cmx 848-445-8749 W115 fh143@physics
Jacques, Pieter F. staff hex 848-445-8977 W322 jacques@physics
Kareev, Mikhail (Misha) staff cmx 848-445-9072 E377 mikhail.kareev AT
Kim, Peter K. staff cmx 914-815-8748 pk481@physics
Lam, Katherine staff 848-445-8763 W201 klam@physics
Lesko, Marc staff 848-445-9013 E157 lesko@physics
Lu, Hsu-Chang staff ins 848-445-8870 W230 hclu@physics
Maiullo, David staff ins, per 848-445-9081 Lect. Hall maiullo@physics
Miller, Stefanie staff cmt, cmx 848-445-9034 E269 smmiller@physics
Oudovenko, Viktor staff cmt 848-445-9021 E256 udo@physics
Paduch, Eric staff 848-445-9013 E157 paduch@physics
Pamula, Nancy staff 848-445-8781 W221 npamula AT
Parano, Donna staff 848-445-8868 W226 dparano@physics
Pettola, Christina staff het 848-445-9050 E356 christina.pettola AT
Piatek, Slawomir staff ast 848-445-8982 W335 piatek@physics
Rafferty, Denise staff 848-445-9009 W226 denise.rafferty AT
Romero, Marta staff 848-445-8798 W222 mbromero@physics
Schneider, William staff 848-445-9013 E157 wschneid@physics
Spotwood, Jerrell staff 848-445-8762 W134 jspotwood@physics
Stone, Robert staff hex 848-445-8893 W310 stone@physics
Streltsov, Yuriy staff 848-445-8997 W342 yuriy@physics
Tuan, James staff het 848-445-8995 W338 jtuan@physics
Wetter, Kristina staff 848-445-8867 W217 kwetter@physics