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Directory of Postdoctoral Associates

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Agapitos, Antonios postdoc hex W336 agapitos@physics
Balasubramanian, Aswin postdoc het 848-445-9063 E355 aswin@physics
Boada, Steven postdoc asx 848-445-8898 W313 boada@physics
Chang, Po-Yao postdoc cmt 848-445-9040 E275A pychang@physics
Chen, Chen postdoc cmx 848-445-8027 W107 cc1582@physics
Chen, Kun postdoc cmt 848-445-9022 E257 kc1019@physics
Choi, Sungkyun postdoc cmx 848-445-8743 W110 sc1853@physics
Dai, Mi postdoc ast 848-445-8894 W311 mdai@physics
Deng, Xiaoyu postdoc cmt 848-445-8772 W209 xydeng@physics
Dey, Anindya postdoc het 848-445-9057 E361 anindya AT
DiFranzo, Anthony postdoc ast, het 848-445-9055 E359 anthony.difranzo AT
Dreyer, Cyrus E. postdoc cmt 848-445-9017 E254 cedreyer@physics
Du, Kai postdoc cmx 848-445-8783 W219 kaidu@physics
Farina, Marco postdoc het 848-445-9066 E369 marco.farina AT
Fernandez, Ximena postdoc asx 848-445-8898 W313 ximena@physics
Fijalkowska, Aleksandra postdoc npx ORNL afijalkowska@physics
Galon, Iftah postdoc het 848-445-9053 E357 iftah.galon@physics
Kalashnikov, Konstantin postdoc cmx 848-445-8027 W107 kk927@physics
Kang, Chang Jong postdoc cmt 848-445-8772 W209 ck620@physics
Kim, Heung-Sik postdoc cmt 848-445-9039 E275 hk676@physics
Kim, Jaewook postdoc cmx 848-445-8783 W219 jwkim@physics
Kim, Jinwoong postdoc cmt 848-445-9040 E275A jk1509@physics
Kim, Min Gyu postdoc cmx 848-445-8743 W110 mk1518@physics
Koenig, Elio postdoc cmt 848-445-9026 E261 ejk125@physics
Komijani, Yashar postdoc cmt 848-445-9026 E261 komijani@physics
Kotiuga, Michele postdoc cmt 848-445-9039 E275 mkotiuga@physics
Kwon, Jinhee postdoc ssx 848-445-8409 NPL207
Lee, Tsung-Han postdoc cmt 848-445-9022 E257 tl596@physics
Lepailleur, Alexandre postdoc npx ORNL aal135@physics
Li, Weichuan postdoc npx MSU wl453@physics
Lim, SeongJoon postdoc cmx 848-445-8783 W219 slim@physics
Liu, Xiaohui postdoc cmt 848-445-9038 E273 xl392@physics
Liu, Xiaoran postdoc cmx 848-445-8974 W327 xl444@physics
Mainiero, Thomas postdoc het 848-445-9066 E369 mainiero AT
Mazer, Joel postdoc npx 848-445-8782 W218 jam977@physics
Mukhopadhyay, Swagatum postdoc bio 732-445-3156 Hill 262
Nakai, Yuichiro postdoc het 848-445-9059 E363 ynakai@physics
Nash, Kevin postdoc hex (434)-760-1424 W320 knash@physics
Nuruzzaman, ' ' postdoc npx nur.rutgers AT
Osherson, Marc postdoc hex W320 marcosh@physics
Pal, Banabir postdoc cmx 848-445-8756 W123 bp435@physics
Peelaers, Wolfger postdoc het E371 wolfger.peelaers AT
Qi, Yubo postdoc cmt 848-445-9020 E255 yq93@physics
Rimal, Gaurab postdoc cmx 848-445-8756 W102 gr380@physics
Ruggieri, Charles M. postdoc per 848-445-8767 W205B chazr@physics
Saka, Halil postdoc hex CERN Halil.Saka AT
Tai, Pei-Luan postdoc npx ORNL peiluan.tai AT
Thorpe, Ryan postdoc ssx 848-445-7937 NPL115 thorper@physics
Wang, Hao postdoc ssx 848-445-8226 NPL114 haowang@physics
Zhang, Weilu postdoc cmx 848-445-8028 W108 wz131@physics
Zhang, Xinyu postdoc het 848-445-9051 E367 xinyu.zhang@physics