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Directory of Theoretical Nuclear Physics group

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Dore, Travis grad student npt travis.dore AT
Harrington, David R. faculty npt
Kloet, Willem M. faculty npt 848-445-8774 W211 kloet@physics
Mekjian, Aram faculty npt mekjian@physics
Noronha, Jorge visitor npt 848-445-8767 W205B jorgenoronha AT
Noronha-Hostler, Jacquelyn faculty npt 848-445-8776 W213 jacquelyn.noronhahostler AT
Rivera, Lisa staff ast, asx, bio, het, hex, npt, npx, per 848-445-8973 W326 lrivera@physics
Rockmore, Ronald M. faculty npt
Sharon, Yitzhak Y. visitor npt 848-445-8771 W208 yjs@physics
Sievert, D. Matthew postdoc npt 848-445-8767 W205B ms2867@physics
Zamick, Larry faculty npt 848-445-8778 W215 Zamick@physics