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Directory of High Energy experiment group

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Cascio, Lisa staff ast, asx, bio, het, hex, npt, npx, per 848-445-8973 W326 lcascio@physics
Chiarito, Brandon grad student hex chiarito@physics
Chou, John Paul faculty hex 848-445-8961 W314 johnpaul@physics
Devlin, Thomas J. faculty asx, hex U Penn, Visiting Faculty devlint@physics
Doroshenko, John staff hex 848-445-8994 W337 doroshenko@physics
Gandrakota, Abhijith grad student hex abhijith@physics
Gershtein, Yuri faculty hex 848-445-8963 W316 gershtein@physics
Halkiadakis, Eva faculty hex 848-445-8965 W318 evahal AT
Hart, Andrew postdoc hex ah1083@physics
Heindl, Maximilian grad student hex W336 mdh149@physics
Hughes, Elliot grad student hex tote@physics
Jacques, Pieter F. staff hex 848-445-8977 W322 jacques@physics
Kalelkar, Mohan faculty hex, ins, per 848-445-8872 W301 kalelkar@physics
Kaplan, Steven grad student hex 732-445-6885 W336 skaplan@physics
Kyriacou, Savvas grad student hex kyriacou@physics
Lath, Amitabh faculty hex 848-445-8971 W324 lath@physics
Nash, Kevin postdoc hex (434)-760-1424 W320 knash@physics
Osherson, Marc postdoc hex W320 marcosh@physics
Saka, Halil postdoc hex CERN halil.saka@rutgers
Schnetzer, Stephen faculty hex 848-445-8975 W328 steves@physics
Somalwar, Sunil faculty hex 848-445-8895 W312 Sunil.Somalwar AT Rutgers.Edu
Stone, Robert staff hex 848-445-8893 W310 stone@physics
Thayil, Steffie Ann grad student hex (425)-240-2898 W336 thayil@physics
Watts, Terence L. faculty hex 848-445-9082 W323 watts@physics