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Directory of Condensed Matter experimental group

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Admasu, Alemayehu S. grad student cmx 848-445-9075 ARC219 admasu@physics
Altvater, Michael grad student cmx NPL3 altvater@physics
Andrei, Eva Y. faculty cmx 848-445-8748 W114 eandrei@physics
Bansal, Namrata grad student cmx 848-445-9005 W132 bnamz AT
Bartynski, Robert A. faculty cmx, ssx 848-445-8786 W221B, NPL203 bart@physics
Batson, Philip E. faculty cmx, ssx 848-445-8275 NPL209 batson@physics
Blumberg, Girsh faculty cmx 848-445-8744 W111 girsh@physics
Celler, George K. visitor cmx, ssx (908)-656-1104 NPL212 gceller AT
Chakhalian, Jak faculty cmx 848-445-8724 W109 jak.chakhalian AT
Chen, Chen postdoc cmx 848-445-8027 W107 cc1582@physics
Chen, Cheng-Hsuan (Sunshine) visitor cmx chchen35.chen AT
Cheong, Sang-Wook faculty cmx 848-445-9023 W123, E154 lab, W229 lab sangc@physics
Choi, Hyun Ho visitor cmx 848-445-8743 E285, W110 henochoi@physics
Choi, Sungkyun postdoc cmx 848-445-8743 W110 sc1853@physics
Christman, Stan visitor cmx 848-445-8249 NPL 115
Cosandey, Frederic visitor cmx NPL107 phone - 5-4942 cosandey@rci
Croft, Mark faculty cmx 848-445-8746 W113 Croft@physics
DiNapoli, Thomas J. grad student cmx ARC234 dinapoli@physics
Du, Kai postdoc cmx 848-445-8783 W219 kaidu@physics
Fan, Fei visitor cmx
Fang, Xiaochen grad student cmx fang@physics
Feldman, Leonard C. faculty cmx 848-445-4524 NPL212 l.c.feldman AT
Garfunkel, Eric associated faculty ssx, cmx 848-445-2747 Chem 286 egarf AT
Ge, Wenbo grad student cmx wg169@scarletmail
Gershenson, Michael faculty cmx 848-445-8755 W122 gersh@physics
Greenblatt, Martha associated faculty cmt, cmx 848-445-3277 Wright Rieman Labs 134A/114/116/112 greenbla@chem
Gustafsson, Torgny faculty cmx, ssx 848-445-8514 NPL206 gustaf@physics
Hijazi, Hussein postdoc cmx, ssx 848-445-8226 NPL114 hh464@physics
Hinch, Jane associated faculty ssx, cmx 848-445-0663 Wright Rieman Lab 180A jhinch@rutchem
Hu, Rongwei staff cmx 848-445-8749 W115 rwhu@physics
Huang, Fei-Ting staff cmx 848-445-8749 W115 fh143@physics
Huang, Zengle grad student cmx 732-822-6184 arc230 zengle.huang AT
Jiang, Yuhang postdoc cmx 848-445-7918 NPL3 yhjiang2013 AT
Kalashnikov, Konstantin postdoc cmx 848-445-8027 W107 kk927@physics
Kamenov, Plamen grad student cmx ARC 231 plamen.kamenov AT
Kareev, Mikhail (Misha) staff cmx 848-445-8982 W335 mikhail.kareev AT
Kim, Jaewook postdoc cmx 848-445-8783 W219 jwkim@physics
Kim, Min Gyu postdoc cmx 848-445-8743 W110 mk1518@physics
Kim, Peter K. staff cmx 914-815-8748 pk481@physics
Kiryukhin, Valery faculty cmx 848-445-8752 W118 vkir@physics
Kojima, Haruo faculty cmx 848-445-8978 W120 Kojima@physics
Kung, Hsiang-Hsi visitor cmx skung@physics
Li, Guohong research associate cmx 848-445-8409 NPL207 lguohong@physics
Lim, SeongJoon postdoc cmx 848-445-8783 W219 slim@physics
Lindenfeld, Peter faculty cmx, ins, per 848-445-8978 W120 lindenf@physics
Liu, Xiaoran postdoc cmx 848-445-8974 W327 xl444@physics
Liu, Yue visitor cmx (347)-828-4478 E278
Lu, Wen-Sen grad student cmx ARC226 wslu@physics
Ludvigsen, Angela grad student cmx angela.ludvigsen AT
Manichev, Viacheslav other cmx, ssx NPL114 v.manichev AT
Mao, Jinhai research associate cmx 848-445-7918 NPL5 jhmao@physics
Miller, Stefanie staff cmt, cmx 848-445-9034 E269 smmiller@physics
Mohottige, Rasika visitor cmx NPL rasika.mohottige AT
Moon, Jisoo grad student cmx W132 jmoon@physics
Oh, Seongshik faculty cmx 848-445-8754 W121 ohsean@physics
Pan, Shangke visitor cmx W127 sp1754@physics
Park, Hyunjae visitor cmx 127W
Pascut, Lucian research associate cmx 848-445-8743 E283 pascut@physics
Podzorov, Vitaly faculty cmx 848-445-8753 NPL205 podzorov@physics
Rangan, Sylvie faculty ssx, cmx 848-445-8419 NPL208 rangan@physics
Rimal, Gaurab postdoc cmx W102 gr380@physics
Salehi, Maryam grad student cmx salehi.maryam67 AT
Sass, Paul grad student cmx ARC233 psass@physics
Shibayev, Pavel P. grad student cmx (201)-805-5104 ARC228 shibayev@physics
Sun, Ying visitor cmx
Tilak, Nikhil grad student cmx 732-500-6319 nmt61@physics
Viereck, Jonathan grad student ssx, cmx NPL115 viereck@physics
Wang, Wenbo grad student cmx 848-445-8759 W132 wenbowang@physics
Wang, Yazhong grad student cmx (732)-325-8898 W229 yzwang@physics
Wen, Fangdi grad student cmx 848-445-8974 W327 fangdi.wen AT
Wu, Liang postdoc cmx W102 lw590@physics
Wu, Shuang postdoc cmx 848-445-8750 W116 sw861@physics
Wu, Weida faculty cmx 848-445-8751 W117, W132 lab wdwu@physics
Xu, Xianghan grad student cmx 732-640-6697 xianghanxu@physics
Yao, Xiong postdoc cmx 848-445-8753 W119 xy226@physics
Ye, Mai grad student cmx 848-445-8758 Serin 132 mye@physics
Yi, Hee Taek research associate cmx 848-445-8743 W110 taeggy@physics
Zeineldin, Mohamed grad student cmx mohamedz@physics
Zhang, Qunshe postdoc cmx 848-445-8753 W119 qz144@physics
Zhang, Weilu postdoc cmx 848-445-8028 W108 wz131@physics
Zhang, Wenhan grad student cmx 848-445-8759 W132 wenhan@physics
Zhang, Wenyuan grad student cmx wzhang@physics
Zimmermann, Frank M. faculty cmx, ssx 848-445-8269 NPL204 fmz@physics