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Directory of Condensed Matter theory group

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Adler, Ran grad student cmt 848-445-8772 W209 adler@physics
Andrei, Natan faculty cmt, het 848-445-9027 E262 natan@physics
Baidya, Santu postdoc cmt 848-445-9039 E275 sb1842@physics
Bonini, John grad student cmt 848-445-9010 E282 bonini@physics
Carpenter, Caitlin grad student cmt W207 carpenter@physics
Cerkoney, Daniel P. grad student cmt 848-445-8772 W209 dcerkoney@physics
Chandra, Premala faculty cmt 848-445-9028 E263 pchandra@physics
Cohen, Morrel H. visitor cmt mhcohen AT
Coleman, Piers faculty cmt 848-445-9033 E268 coleman@physics
Culver, Adrian grad student cmt E281 adrianculver@physics
DiPaola, Erica staff cmt, cmx, per, bio 848-445-9034 E269 edipaola@physics
Drouin-Touchette, Victor grad student cmt 848-445-9044 E281 vdrouin@physics
Fang, Shiang postdoc cmt 848-445-9017 E254 sf695@physics
Frank, Corey visitor cmt, cmx Chemistry corey.frank AT
Fu, Yixing grad student cmt 848-445-9044 E280 yxfu@physics
Genser, Konrad grad student cmt 848-445-9010 E282 kg536 AT
Goldstein, Garry postdoc cmt E254 gg367@physics
Greenblatt, Martha associated faculty cmt, cmx 848-445-3277 Wright Rieman Labs 134A/114/116/112 greenbla@chem
Hamann, Donald R. visitor cmt 848-445-9019 E255 drhamann AT
Haule, Kristjan faculty cmt 848-445-9032 E267 haule@physics
Jerez, Andres visitor cmt 848-445-9048 E289 ajerez65 AT
Kang, Chang Jong postdoc cmt 848-445-8772 W209 ck620@physics
Khanal, Ghanashyam grad student cmt E279 khanal@physics
Kim, Jinwoong postdoc cmt 848-445-9040 E275A jk1509@physics
Kim, Jiyeon visitor cmt
Kim, Minjae postdoc cmt 848-445-9024 E259 mk1633@physics
Kim, Minsung postdoc cmt 848-445-9024 E259 mk1777@physics
Koenig, Elio postdoc cmt 848-445-9026 E261 ejk125@physics
Komijani, Yashar postdoc cmt 848-445-9026 E261 komijani@physics
Kotliar, Gabriel faculty cmt 848-445-9036 E271 kotliar@physics
Leath, Paul L. faculty cmt 848-445-9025 E260 leath@physics
Lebowitz, Joel L. faculty cmt 848-445-3117 Hill 612 lebowitz@math
Lee, Tsung-Han postdoc cmt 848-445-9022 E257 tl596@physics
Mandal, Subhasish postdoc cmt 848-445-9038 E273 sm2159@physics
Oudovenko, Viktor staff cmt 848-445-9021 E256 udo@physics
Pasnoori, Parameshwar grad student cmt pasnoori@physics
Phillips, James C. visitor bio, cmt jcphillips8 AT
Pixley, Jedediah H. faculty cmt 848-445-9029 E264 jed.pixley@physics
Provino, Alessia visitor cmt, cmx Chemistry alessia.provino AT
Qi, Yubo postdoc cmt 848-445-9020 E255 yq93@physics
Rabe, Karin M. faculty cmt 848-445-9030 E265 rabe@physics
Ramkumar, Sriram P. visitor cmt srirampr AT
Remsing, Richard associated faculty cmt, cmx Chemistry rick.remsing AT
Seleznev, Daniel grad student cmt E289 dms632@physics
Sills, Ryan associated faculty cmt, cmx MSE rbs131 AT
Singh, Sobhit postdoc cmt 848-445-9038 E273 sobhit.singh AT
Sun, Pei visitor cmt W207 sunpeiphy AT
Vanderbilt, David faculty cmt 848-445-9049 E291 dhv@physics
Varnava, Nicodemos grad student cmt 848-445-9044 E280 nvarnava@physics
Volkov, Pavel postdoc cmt 848-445-9040 E275A pv184@physics
Wang, Limin postdoc cmt 848-445-9039 E275 lw636@physics
Wilson, Justin postdoc cmt 848-445-9017 E254 jhw81@physics
Wugalter, Ari grad student cmt 848-445-9045 E281 wugalter@physics
Yin, Zhiping visitor cmt 848-445-8767 W205b
Yuzbashyan, Emil faculty cmt 848-445-9035 E270 eyuzbash@physics
Zabalo, Aidan grad student cmt zabalo@physics