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Directory of Biological Physics group

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Ballal, Aditya grad student bio ballal@physics
Bhanot, Gyan faculty bio 848-445-9037 E272 gyanbhanot AT
DiPaola, Erica staff cmt, cmx, per, bio 848-445-9034 E269 edipaola@physics
Javed, Unab grad student bio javed@physics
Khromov, Pavel grad student bio Hill 277 khromov@physics
Kion-Crosby, B. Willow grad student bio E377 wbk7@physics
Lee, Sang-Hyuk faculty bio 848-445-5286 308A CIPR shlee@physics
Malliaris, Constantin D. (Ted) grad student bio E377 tedm@physics
Morozov, Alexandre V. faculty bio 848-445-1387 E266 morozov@physics
Olson, Wilma K. associated faculty bio 732-445-3993 Chem Building, A209 wilma.olson AT
Phillips, James C. visitor bio, cmt jcphillips8 AT
Rechani, Phillip grad student bio pjr93@physics
Rivera, Lisa staff ast, asx, bio, het, hex, npt, npx, per 848-445-8973 W326 lrivera@physics
Rives, Jesus grad student bio 848-445-9048 E289 jar471@physics
Santana, Leonardo grad student bio ARC239 santana@physics
Sengupta, Anirvan M. faculty bio 848-445-9023 E258 anirvans@physics
Singh, Amartya grad student bio (848)-391-8740 ARC230 singh@physics
Sridharan, Shagesh grad student bio shagesh.sridharan AT
Young, Robert grad student bio young@physics