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Directory of Astrophysics group

Name Position Group Phone Office Email
Ahmed, Sheehan grad student ast shahmed@physics
Applebaum, Elaad grad student ast (312)-404-6727 W331 applebaum@physics
Arunachalam, Prasiddha grad student asx W331 pa321@physics
Awan, Humna grad student ast W331 awan@physics
Baker, Andrew J. faculty asx 848-445-8887 W309 ajbaker@physics
Boada, Steven postdoc asx W313 boada@physics
Brennan, Sean grad student ast ARC223 sbrennan@physics
Brooks, Alyson M. faculty ast 848-445-8877 W306 abrooks@physics
Broussard, Adam grad student ast 332 adamcbroussard@physics
Buckley, Matthew faculty ast, het 848-445-9070 W329 mbuckley@physics
Burkhart, Blakesley faculty ast W317 b.burkhart AT
Camacho-Neves, Yssavo grad student ast camacho@physics
Dai, Mi postdoc ast 848-445-8894 W311 mdai@physics
Dettman, Kyle G. grad student ast (732)-682-4795 W331 dettman@physics
Devlin, Thomas J. faculty asx, hex U Penn, Visiting Faculty devlint@physics
Eid, Lana grad student asx lana.eid AT
Fernandez, Ximena postdoc asx 848-445-8898 W313 ximena@physics
Gawiser, Eric faculty asx 848-445-8874 W303 gawiser@physics
Hay, John L. grad student ast ARC228 jhay@physics
Hughes, John P. faculty asx 848-445-8878 W307 jph@physics
Iyer, Kartheik grad student asx iyer@physics
Jha, Saurabh W. faculty asx 848-445-8962 W315 saurabh@physics
Keeton, Charles R. faculty ast 848-445-8876 W305 keeton@physics
Kurczynski, Peter research associate asx W311 pkurczynski@physics
Malvido, John C. visitor ast jmalvido AT
Mao, Yao-Yuan postdoc ast 848-445-8898 W313 yy.mao AT
Matilsky, Terry faculty asx 848-445-8875 W304 matilsky@physics
McQuinn, Kristen B W faculty ast W308 kristen.mcquinn AT
Olsen, Charlotte grad student ast ARC234 cao127@physics
Pascut, Aurelia visitor asx aurelia.pascut AT
Pryor, Carlton faculty asx 848-445-8873 W302 pryor@physics
Raney, Catie grad student ast W331 raney@physics
Rivera, Jesus (Jesse) grad student asx jrivera@physics
Rivera, Lisa staff ast, asx, bio, het, hex, npt, npx, per 848-445-8973 W326 lrivera@physics
Sellwood, Jerry A. faculty ast sellwood@physics
Sloane, Jonathan D. grad student ast 848-445-9079 W332 jdsloane@physics
Somerville, Rachel faculty ast 848-445-8964 W317 somerville@physics
Telford, Olivia Grace postdoc ast 716-352-6579 W311 ot83@physics
Williams, Theodore B. faculty asx williams@physics
Wright, Anna grad student ast 848-445-8980 W332 awright@physics
Wu, John F. grad student asx jfwu@physics
Yung, Long Yan grad student ast W331 yung@physics